A sailboat with white sails glides on water in front of a hillside town with densely packed colorful houses under a clear sky, ideal for those engaged in real estate property search.

San Rafael

Lush green hills with scattered real estate properties under a partly cloudy sky.

San Anselmo | Fairfax

Residential real estate property area on hillside with a variety of houses scattered under a cloudy sky, surrounded by lush greenery.

Mill Valley

Coastal real estate landscape with a sandy beach, gentle waves, and a hillside town under a clear blue sky.

Santa Rosa

A scenic overlook of a suburban neighborhood featuring real estate properties, palm trees, houses, and hills under a clear sky at sunset.


Aerial view of a lush green landscape with a mountain in the background and a small town nestled among trees under a partly cloudy sky, ideal for real estate property search.

Corte Madera | Larkspur

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White house with a black front door labeled '419', a small white picket fence, and a large green tree on a sunny day, perfect for a real estate coach.