Lush green landscape with rolling hills, scattered trees, and a view of a small village under a cloudy sky in the San Anselmo real estate area.

San Anselmo | Fairfax

San Anselmo and Fairfax are neighboring towns in scenic Marin County and are situated just north of the city of San Rafael.

Welcome to San Anselmo/ Fairfax

Peaceful neighboring cities rich in natural beauty

San Anselmo and Fairfax are neighboring towns in scenic Marin County and are situated just north of the city of San Rafael. The area was largely pastoral land until 1875, when the North Pacific Coast Railroad built a new line connecting the two towns. Further development soon followed, and it became a center for silent film production for a period in the 1900s. Although the area has experienced substantial growth and development over the decades, it has retained its natural beauty and peaceful small-town charm.

San Anselmo is the larger of the two, but both towns feature great schools and a close-knit and active community. Both sit among scenic rolling hills and provide easy access to parks and nature for outdoor recreation, hiking, biking, and picnicking. However, each town offers residents something unique. San Anselmo features a charming shopping district with a small-town feel as you stroll down San Anselmo Avenue with friends and family.

What to Love

  • Peaceful, Small-Town Charm
  • Abundant Natural Beauty
  • Plenty of Family-Friendly Indoor and Outdoor Recreation
  • Within a 10-Minute Commute of Bustling Downtown San Rafael

Local Lifestyle

San Anselmo and Fairfax are known for their close-knit communities that value and support local family-owned businesses. Residents tend to be health-conscious and community-oriented. The area offers everything from vibrant nightlife to serene equestrian-oriented neighborhoods in the hills. San Anselmo/ Fairfax offers peaceful neighborhoods in the hills within easy reach of vibrant downtown areas. Local events like the Summer Fairfax Festival and San Anselmo Film Festival bring residents together.

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