A two-story beige house with a gabled roof, highlighted in a real estate guide, surrounded by lush greenery and a well-maintained lawn, under a clear sky.
Minimalist living room with a white sofa, round coffee table, and hanging pendant lights, set against a light gray wall and floor, featured in our Real Estate Guide.

Elevating Your Home Selling Experience

Designed to Sell

We're focused on helping homeowners make smart updates that attract more buyers and increase list price by an average of $50k.

Same-Day Estimates

Due to the depth of projects we've completed and our standardized pricing, our general estimates are incredibly accurate and reliable.

Curated Materials

All materials are in stock and ready to ship, resulting in faster timelines and uninterrupted supply chains.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is consistent and fair and falls in line with national averages. The experience, however, is far from average, including everything from design consultations to financing.

Dedicated Team

Working with Concierge Service is like having a team of financiers, designers, project managers, and contractors at your disposal—without any added costs. Sellers simply pay for the work that is done at the price agreed upon before we begin.

Pay at Closing

All homes need updates before hitting the market. Now, every homeowner can make the necessary improvements with zero deposits, interest charges, or fees.

Feedback From Concierge Clients

"Through RealVitalize, my agent brought in an exceptionally capable contractor and other tradespeople who, under her direction, quickly transformed the condo from ragged to beautiful! It was so stunning that we had a full-price offer before the listing even displayed on MLS."

Modern staircase with wooden steps, white under-stair storage, and clear glass railings in a minimalist interior, perfect for real estate guide highlights.
White house with a black front door labeled '419', a small white picket fence, and a large green tree on a sunny day, perfect for a real estate coach.

Work With Us

Our mission is to establish lasting relationships by providing unparalleled service and trusted guidance. What sets us apart is our commitment to remaining engaged beyond the transaction, and being your life-long resource for all things home.